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P. Nutt and Ponytail Show in Branson, MO!

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P. Nutt and Ponytail Show!

Let others know what you thought of our show, and don't forget to give kudos to the place you stayed while you were in Branson!
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There are 1724 entries in our Guestbook  
  Entry #1724 Date: Nov 25th 2014 07:06:26
Namemae swain
When did you last see our show?Oct. 'n 2013
Where are you from?Pioneer, la
Commentstried to see a show 'n Branson , Mo. but guess ya'll were on tour .. i saw ya last 'n Eureka Springs, Mo. enjoyed ya'll show very much , then was coming back 'n was told ya sold the hoe down theater ....would like to get a up-date on where ya 'll will be performing . thank ya Mae Swain
  Entry #1723 Date: Nov 21st 2014 07:11:10
NameGienell Doyle
When did you last see our show?In 2013
Where are you from?Hornbeck La.
CommentsMy sister and I came to see them. We loved the show. My sister was having a hard time. When we left the show my sister had began to laugh, We set on the front row Peanut picked on her and she hadn't had a good time in a long time. I hope you all do will with your new show. See you soon. Thanks again Gienell and Barbara
  Entry #1722 Date: Jun 4th 2014 04:45:33
NameRosalee Savant
When did you last see our show?about 2 weeks ago
Where are you from?Oberlin,la
  Entry #1721 Date: May 17th 2014 07:31:27
NameKurt & Karen Konkol
When did you last see our show?June 2013
Where are you from?Eureka Springs ARK
CommentsEnjoyed the show immensely. Will try to see another show this summer.
  Entry #1720 Date: May 14th 2014 07:28:09
NameJerry Green
When did you last see our show?Enid, OK
Where are you from?Tulsa, Oklahoma
CommentsBe see you again soon!!!
  Entry #1719 Date: May 14th 2014 03:39:22
When did you last see our show?JULY 2013
Where are you from?HOUSTON TEXAS
  Entry #1718 Date: May 3rd 2014 11:40:57
NameMark and Suzy Oberholtz
When did you last see our show?last fall at Eureka Springs
Where are you from?Olive Oklahoma
Commentslove the show, think what you are doing is rare in todays world... love Girl too... the whole band is amazing
  Entry #1717 Date: May 3rd 2014 09:15:22
NameRussell Joyner
When did you last see our show?a few months back in Eureka Springs,Ar
Where are you from?Harrison.Ar
CommentsThese guys are phenomenal...finominail...fanomanal...oh...heck..i just really really liked' ...seriously...some of the best pickers around and the whole crew can sing well...ALWAYS a very entertaining show
  Entry #1716 Date: May 3rd 2014 03:23:41
NameValerie Thurman
When did you last see our show?Last year
Where are you from?Olive, Oklahoma
CommentsGreat show! Great people! They all have big hearts and give so much to others.
  Entry #1715 Date: Feb 23rd 2014 05:32:54
NameJimmy Dale
When did you last see our show?Last Year
Where are you from?Huntsville
CommentsHeard you guys are heading on up. I congratulate you. I am getting ready to retire in a couple of years and going home. Get really big guys but dont forget Ozark
  Entry #1714 Date: Dec 12th 2013 10:28:12
NameJon & Twila Dillon
When did you last see our show?2013
Where are you from?Springdale, AR
CommentsWe would really like to see The George Brothers add a Christmas Show to their season's schedule.
  Entry #1713 Date: Oct 18th 2013 12:18:52
NameRuss and Sunny Hunter
When did you last see our show?September, 2013
Where are you from?Piedmont, OK 73078
CommentsWe love you guys and know big things will happen for you (including "girl".
  Entry #1712 Date: Sep 3rd 2013 09:12:00
NameAmanda Simmons
When did you last see our show?2 wks ago
Where are you from?Bauxite,Arkansas
Commentsthese guys and gal are great... it is a must see show... we try to go at least once a year... once with the kids and then if we can me and the hubby try and go just us.. these guys are very humble and kind... love them to death... love you guys from the mean ole woman from Bauxite... God Bless you guys.. keep up the great work
  Entry #1711 Date: Aug 11th 2013 05:20:47
NameLee Gilmer
When did you last see our show?July 27th, 2013
Where are you from?Clarksville, Ar.
CommentsYou realy need to catch one of these guys shows, one of the best....
  Entry #1710 Date: Jul 20th 2013 11:54:36
When did you last see our show?July 20, 2013
Where are you from?Oklahoma
CommentsFamily loved the show! Great comedy and great music. We will see it again and will spread the word anytime we hear that friends and family are taking a trip to Eureka Springs!
  Entry #1709 Date: Jul 7th 2013 11:56:45
Namelinda (popcorn) harris
When did you last see our show?may 17th, 2013
Where are you from?seminole,ok
Commentswe had always enjoyed the hoe-down, so an easy choice to make on which show to take our friends that were with us. all of us really enjoyed the CLEAN 'down-home' show and the songs and wonderful voices. i'm still getting ribbed about the fuss about free popcorn with randall, my three tell everyone about it and how really good the music is. we will be back to see you and will bring others,too. take care-be healthful. linda
  Entry #1708 Date: Jun 26th 2013 08:17:20
NamePhyllis & Gary Clark
When did you last see our show?June 23rd, 2013
Where are you from?Naples, Texas
CommentsWe saw this show on Sunday, June 23rd. We had a wonderful time. Enjoyed the music and the comedy. We had never laughts so much. Next time we are in Eureka Springs, we will definately go to see this show again.
  Entry #1707 Date: Jun 23rd 2013 05:42:48
NameJune Hendley
When did you last see our show?Summer 2012
Where are you from?Sun City Center FL.Via England accross the Pond
CommentsHey (June) Connie and Pam love you all...when we are in Eureka we try to see the show EVERY NIGHT...we have such fun with 'ya all...whoop whoop ! Con & Pam should be over from England at the end of July....I hope we can make it to's like our 2nd home and you guys treat us like family !! Believe me...anyone reading this The Hoe Down is THE best..if you don't are missing out on the BEST !!
  Entry #1706 Date: Jun 4th 2013 09:41:51
NameNathan & Kathy Richards
When did you last see our show?Eureka Springs
Where are you from?Center & Mabank, Texas
CommentsWe went to your show on May 29,2013. It was great!!! We had planed on seeing the Passion Play. The night before the play we ran across the HO-DOWN...and what a good time we had. This is "The thing to do in Eureka". What a great group of entertainers, and musicians. Everything from when we bought tickets, the concert, intermission, the second half, the ending, and yes the conversation with the band. Next time we go to Eureka we WILL make the Ho Down again, and will follow the venues when this group comes to anywhere around us. Oh! P-Nut....Thanks for the CD. I "Thank You", my wife "Thanks You", and my daughter "Thanks You". Good Luck, and just have fun. Sincerely, Nathan & Kathy Richards
  Entry #1705 Date: May 22nd 2013 10:28:05
NameMoArk Entertainment Association (Jereme Dison)
When did you last see our show?Crawdad Days Concert in Harrison
Where are you from?Hollister, Mo
CommentsIt was great hearing you guys. I was wondering what ever happened to Lee. I can't wait to come down to see the entire show at the theater. See ya soon, Jereme
  Entry #1704 Date: Mar 18th 2013 01:33:12
NameSusan Myers
When did you last see our show?March 16 in Enid,Oklahoma
Where are you from?Enid, OKLAHOMA
CommentsEnjoyed the show!
  Entry #1703 Date: Jan 19th 2013 10:25:42
NameBrad Vanderhye
When did you last see our show?Last Season
Where are you from?Gibson City, Il.
CommentsCan't wait for your new season!! We will be down in March for our kids spring break.Hope you enjoyed the postor that i gave to Pony Tail of the Hoe-Down crew back in the Eighties last time we came to see you.Peanut, behave your self!! Never mind lol, The Vanderhye's
  Entry #1702 Date: Jan 5th 2013 02:10:32
NameClaudia Kapple
When did you last see our show?march 2012 at the hoe down
Where are you from?Tulsa, OK
CommentsWe want to know if you are going to Skitook, OK
  Entry #1701 Date: Nov 16th 2012 02:24:56
NameElma Fudd Gantry
When did you last see our show?November
Where are you from?Houston, TX
CommentsE.F. Gantry here....been some time since I have given the crew at the Hoe-Down a Texas "Gitty Up" So....How Do! The show wsa great I felt like just jumping up and doing he jug right there in my seat. Eureka is such a pretty town and I always look forward to my visits there. Best in 2013! E.F. Gantrty.
  Entry #1700 Date: Dec 12th 2011 03:33:02
Namekris Rhodes
When did you last see our show?google
Where are you from?facebook
CommentsSure have missued your shows this year. Hope to see one in 2012.
  Entry #1699 Date: Dec 11th 2011 18:35:57
NameShelby & Carol Ramer
When did you last see our show?Google
Where are you from?Facebook
CommentsWe Have Seen The Show 100ths Of Times The Greatest Show In The Ozarks We Love You Gang See You On The Road...
  Entry #1698 Date: Nov 28th 2011 11:21:36
NameBob & Vicki Smith
When did you last see our show?N/A
Where are you from?N/A
CommentsWe have attended the Ozark Mountain Hoe Down Show many time over the years. Music is great and comedy is so funny. We tell all our friends & family not to miss the show when they go to Euerka Springs. Also thank you for recognizing the Veterans and our troops that are protecting us!
  Entry #1697 Date: Nov 23rd 2011 21:39:32
NameHoagy Carmical
When did you last see our show?Google
Where are you from?Facebook
CommentsI have been going to this show since 1985. If you want to laugh and be part of the show donot miss this one.I have been to the George Brothers show more than 80 times since they bought the theatre in02.
  Entry #1696 Date: Nov 14th 2011 22:09:30
NameCharlotte & Floyd Cole
When did you last see our show?N/A
Where are you from?N/A
CommentsWe attended your show 11-11-11 and enjoyed every minute of it. Hope you guys get to come to Lavaca during your winter break so we can watch your show again. We stayed @ the Apple Blossom Inn during our visit to Eureka Springs and highly recommend it. It was very clean and the proprietors were friendly.
  Entry #1695 Date: Oct 31st 2011 16:14:59
When did you last see our show?NA
Where are you from?NA
  Entry #1694 Date: Oct 31st 2011 11:02:14
NameRay & Frances Rodgers
When did you last see our show?NA
Where are you from?NA
CommentsWe were at the show on 10-28-11. Had nice time plenty of music and laughs. Keep the good work up! Hope to see you all in Bridgeport, Texas.
  Entry #1693 Date: Oct 30th 2011 12:04:33
NameBrenda Sue
When did you last see our show?na
Where are you from?na
CommentsHad a great time last night, seeing friends from Oklahoma, Clarence, Willie, Larry, Brenda Sue, Connie, and James. Loved the show, even sleeping Barney the short realtor enjoyed it. He is working hard to teach the band about real estate.
  Entry #1692 Date: Oct 20th 2011 14:07:43
NameFelix Bowie
When did you last see our show?
Where are you from?Bowie Barn
CommentsHowdy from Texas. Enjoyed as usual. Looking forward to seeing you in Bridgeport Feb. 11
  Entry #1691 Date: Oct 18th 2011 12:45:01
Nametommy olive
When did you last see our show?
Where are you from?auctioneer
Commentshey pnut i love the show i try and come at least 3 times a year send me your email so i can send you some pics of a old violin i have in my auction honda man with the trike
  Entry #1690 Date: Oct 17th 2011 11:16:27
NameJim & Debi Baker
When did you last see our show?n/a
Where are you from?n/a
CommentsHey...when we were at the show on Friday night we bought The George Brothers CD. I LOVE IT! I am so glad we bought it. It's definitely going on the iPod! Thanks again, Randall & Dawayne for the ride on Saturday!!! We had a blast!
  Entry #1689 Date: Oct 16th 2011 22:11:46
NameJim & Debi Baker
When did you last see our show?n/a
Where are you from?n/a
CommentsRandall (P Nutt) & Duane (Ponytail) guys are awesome. We always enjoy the show when we visit Eureka Springs. This visit was no different. You guys do an amazing job on stage AND off. We so enjoyed the ride on Saturday. I thought we had done every road possible around Eureka showed us that we had not. Route 103 was fantastic! Thanks so much for the entertainment and for making us
  Entry #1688 Date: Oct 15th 2011 16:55:02
Namegarry and carol rhodes
When did you last see our show?
Where are you from?lawnmower
Commentswe had a blast at the show wednesday night. laughed till we cried. keep good clean fun alive in eureka springs and points beyond
  Entry #1687 Date: Oct 14th 2011 23:53:10
NameJosh Moore
When did you last see our show?n/a
Where are you from?n/a
CommentsGuys I absolutely love the show. Great comedy and GREAT music. I laugh every time i am there along with soak in all the wonderful talented musicians you are. Thanks again!! Your Friend the Pizza manager!!!
  Entry #1686 Date: Oct 14th 2011 21:48:33
NameJohn Daily
When did you last see our show?f/b
Where are you from?n/a
CommentsWe have loved the show since 98. You guys are the best. Love your CD. We miss Granny and Doug. Love the steel guitar. Can you bring them home?
  Entry #1685 Date: Oct 11th 2011 16:48:13
When did you last see our show?facebook
Where are you from?n/a
Commentsreally great show. we had a great time. its a must see show.
  Entry #1684 Date: Oct 9th 2011 19:58:46
NameVeronica (Von) Rosenbalm
When did you last see our show?hot mail
Where are you from?Face Book
CommentsWe have visited Eureka Springs many, many times since 1977 and have never attended any of the shows down there untill this week end during the Corvette show. We enjoyed your show sooo much! Loved the girls voice, sounded like Dolly Pardon. Also the guys you call big ears, I loved his voice. The comedy act was excellent. We will for sure come back again! Thanks for making our week end so enjoyable!! Von Rosenbalm
  Entry #1683 Date: Oct 9th 2011 17:40:08
NameCody Regan
When did you last see our show?n/s
Where are you from?n/s
CommentsWow!! Evertime I go see these guys I get goose bumps. Last time took the wife and inlaws and they were blown away,.If you like country music with a twist of southern rock you have got to buy their CD entitled the George Brothers it is absolutely phenomenal. I have almost worn it out already and can't stop listening to it. It is one of those cd's that the first time you listen to it your hooked! If you like it make sure and tell all your friends on facebook where to go and get one they deserve the big show and I know they are gonna get it with a little help from us the fans,. God Bless
  Entry #1682 Date: Oct 7th 2011 19:14:19
When did you last see our show?na
Where are you from?na
CommentsHad a blast watching your show earlier this week, my wife and i were just rolling in laughter the whole time. Good clean entertainment, you guys are extremely gifted and talented. we will definately be back to watch you again
  Entry #1681 Date: Oct 5th 2011 00:45:47
NameCharlotte Parris
When did you last see our show?na
Where are you from?na
CommentsI want to thank the George Brothers for making my aunts trip a special one. We come to your show every time we are in Eureka Springs. It meant so much to her having Duwayne sit down and chit chat with us. For Peanut to take the time out of a busy day. Thank the both of you greatly. Have a good day everyday
  Entry #1680 Date: Oct 5th 2011 00:25:35
When did you last see our show?na
Where are you from?na
CommentsI moved here from Minnesota 3 yrs, ago, and finally got to see your show. It was great. So much musical talent, and loved the good clean comedy too. And I must say... you guys are sure easy on the eyes too! Thanks for a great evening!
  Entry #1679 Date: Oct 4th 2011 02:41:41
NameAllan Suddeth
When did you last see our show?na
Where are you from?na
CommentsThanks again guys, had a great time on the ride with you as well as the show... Will have to come back soon to see you all again!!!
  Entry #1678 Date: Sep 30th 2011 23:42:32
NameFred and Jackie Steinhilber
When did you last see our show?Greenbay WI
Where are you from?9/30/2011
Commentsawsome show we enjoyed it very much we came here to be married and had a blast
  Entry #1677 Date: Sep 25th 2011 21:06:21
NameRoss lay
When did you last see our show?Tulsa,ok
Where are you from?9-24-11
CommentsThis is a must see show very funny!!!
  Entry #1676 Date: Sep 20th 2011 18:13:34
When did you last see our show?Northern Iowa
Where are you from?9/19/2011
CommentsGreat show!!! Laughed until the tears rolled. A great combination of awesome musical talent & comedy. Also a great tribute to these great United States of America!! A must see on our return trip to Eureka Springs!
  Entry #1675 Date: Sep 19th 2011 15:54:13
When did you last see our show?wichita, ks
Where are you from?sept 16,2011
CommentsMe and my sister took my mom to eureka springs for her birthday and met my aunt and cousin from Texas there. They had seen your show 8 times and told us about it so we all went on 9/16/2011. I am so glad we did. I laughed so hard at pnutt, but was amazed that the same person playing the guitar and singing was the same person. ( God did good on you Randall). More importantly my mom really enjoyed herself. She isn't well and she wanted to go to Eureka Springs for her birthday, so that's what we did. As long as she's around we plan on going back each year to see you guys. I'm a nurse in Wichita and I know the best medicine in the world is laughter. Thanks for providing that!! It's so nice to have a clean show you can bring your kids to. I will be bringing mine. As a single mom, I appreciate just good old fashion humor that I don't have to try and shield my kids from. Thanks again to all of you and pray Gods will for each of you.
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